Financial Engineering Platform With AI-driven Agents for DeFi



Our mission is to design and equip key stakeholders in crypto space with quant-hedge fund technology.

Almanak platform provides web 3 stakeholders with intelligence about… …Portfolio Optimization01

Almanak utilizes HFT-inspired technologies to deliver portfolio optimization recommendations & actionable data intelligence to asset managers & investment professionals.

Its proprietary, AI-based simulation infrastructure allows it to dynamically consolidate and model client-essential data points – all to ultimately enhance portfolio’s performance, risk management and discover new opportunities in real-time. 

Almanak platform provides web3 stakeholders with intelligence about… …Risk Management and Hedging02

Robust risk management remains critical for sustainable growth.

Almanak’s platform monitors and informs security processes against crypto economy crises, crash scenarios & black swan events.

Our insights enable asset managers to measure risks in a timely manner, understand how key parameters interact with each other, and hedge in the most effective way to reduce the risk and maximize the performance odds.

Almanak platform provides web3 stakeholders with intelligence about… …Growth Opportunities03

The continuously growing abundance of relevant, on-chain market data points, actors, and corresponding dependencies exposes ill-equipped asset managers not only to unnecessary losses but also to missed profit opportunities

Almanak proposes an automatized & ML-powered replacement for static dashboards and scattered analytics.

Its infrastructure allows to:

  • Design asset management or trading strategies with a plug-and-play agent library and blockchain-based environment.
  • Configure strategies considering expected risk/return ratio, asset classes, strategies, objectives, and constraints.
  • Simulate, and optimize 10,000+ market scenarios.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the available strategies and deploy them securely.


The next wave of crypto innovation will be driven by data. Our simulation technology allows builders to test their ideas and stay ahead of the competition.

Almanak is a collective of blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science professionals. We came from organizations such as Google, Kraken, CERN, DBS Bank & Uber.

The Team:
Michael 00

Founder and CEO. 7 years in crypto. Worked in fintech venture capital before becoming a tokenomics and product designer for projects such as Bancor, Qredo, Stargate, Layer Zero, and StarAtlas.

He holds a MS in applied mathematics in economics.

Lukas 77

Co-founder & COO. Securities lawyer turned tech execution guy with 6+ years of leadership experience within high-growth tech companies. Worked as a product manager at Uber Technologies, where he made Poland the 3rd biggest business product market in the world. Former program manager at The Founder Institute.

He was the Head of Growth for one of the biggest affiliate exchanges in Eastern Europe, where he increased profitability by 3x. Reforge programs alumni. Crypto investor since 2017. For personal growth, he trained to become a Navy SEAL.

Lars 42

Co-founder and CTO. Responsible for leading the entire engineering and technical research efforts.

He has vast experience in designing, planning, building & scaling data-centric applications in the crypto space for tier-one crypto firms.

Prior to working in crypto, he was focused on building AI applications. Most notably, he built a Machine Learning Operations software, empowering Data Scientists to deploy their ML models at scale.

Nasrudin 02

VP of Engineering. Previously, he was a VP of Machine Learning at #1 Singapore Bank (DBS Bank). Background in FinTech, Banking, and IOT. Data Virtuoso – he has worked as a Python Developer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, and Architect.

Built and managed teams in startups and enterprises from 0 to 20, delivering Data Infra, Data Warehouses, and Machine Learning Systems from 0 to 100.

Power member and affiliate of societies such as Mensa, Triple9, Torr, IHIQS, and Tensa.

Philipp 10

Product Owner. Living almanac and Swiss army knife. Seen the perspective of a first hire, scale-up joiner, and corporate fellow.

Despite studying and graduating twice with a MS in mechanical engineering, Philipp settled within other spaces and worked on predictive marketplaces in micro-mobility, enhanced data management platforms for R&D teams, or focused on research in autonomous racing.

In his spare time, he enjoys American sports and Korean BBQ.

Ren Xiang 08

Software Engineer with 2+ years of professional experience in full-stack development, MLOps, data analytics, and robotics simulations.

Versatile problem solver who enjoys learning good software engineering practices and tech trends in his free time.

Prior to the crypto space, Ren Xiang worked for a software consultancy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Koen 36

Software Engineer. He excels at taking high-level concepts onto low-level code. In the past, he’s built a machine learning deployment platform, “Deeploy,” that has super scalable systems and runs machine learning models with other data science workloads.

At Almanak, his main focus is creating simulation architecture, which can be scaled to simulate thousands of blockchains at a time and help the data science team tune parameters and validate results under simulated market conditions.

Yannick, phd 13

Senior Data Scientist. With over 10 years of experience in neurotechnology, Yannick is no stranger to working in a novel and disruptive field. He co-founded both NeuroTechX, the largest international neurotech community, and NeuroTechX Services, a consulting and recruiting company.

Yannick holds a PhD in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) from the University of Montreal which focused o machine learning and deep learning to classify brain activity in real time. He’s now pivoting from the neurotech field to bring his data science and research expertise into the blockchain and crypto space.

Agnes 17

Business Analyst. She keeps track of all things DeFi, drawing on her two years of experience in credit risk at Morgan Stanley. Prior to crypto, Agnes also took on business and product analyst roles within space tech and AI & was also actively involved in the German startup ecosystem. She holds a MS in operations research. After hours, she unwinds by playing turn-based strategy games.

Eric, phd 46
Marcia 11

Senior software engineer. He has an extensive background in fintech and decentralized finance (DeFi) and over a decade of experience in developing innovative technology solutions. He was a founding lead engineer of a Singapore fintech startup recognized in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 in 2021. As a backend lead at Subbera Protocol, Marcia played a crucial role in the development of a DeFi EVM-compatible payment system.

Marcia also serves as an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic, guiding and inspiring the next generation of engineers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a machine learning patent US11681946B2, and is the author of two Cambridge O Level Computer Science textbooks.

Ciaran, phd 99

Senior Data Scientist. Ciaran has over 10 years of experience in engineering and research, combined with over 5 years in crypto across various blockchains. His career has involved working at a technical level within paradigm-changing frameworks, from quantum computing to the blockchain. He has a PhD in Computational Physics.

Tomas 07

Senior Software Developer. He is passionate about enhancing product viability and is proficient in various front-end and back-end technologies. His career spans roles in both corporate and startup environments, highlighting a versatile skill set that extends beyond software development to include leading significant projects from 0 to public releases for numerous products across sectors like web3, banking, EV, real estate, health management, and social.

Shahril 09

Senior Data Engineer. Before Almanak, he was a Principal Data Architect at #1 Malaysian unicorn. With wide expertise in DataOps and Infra, as well as 17 years of experience in various RDBMS, he excelled across various industries such as logistics, eCommerce, and healthcare. He builds his own tools to help migrate to cloud data at the lowest cost. An open-source enthusiast and a big advocate of performance-based delivery.


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